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Metz Connect - Check this out: An Innovative Product DEMO Board Video

Please check this out: A fascinating brief learn of Metz-Connect products in this innovative Product Demo Board Video on watch this and see descriptions of the specific products on the board in one felled swoop, then contact us to sample or quote any of these for your new or current designs and see why Metz-Connect continues to celebrate over 4 decades of success!

Here is the video:

And for your reference: Metz-Connect still has reasonable lead times (approx. 8-12wks) are available at Digikey, Heilind, Future and others, or in some instances direct. One of Metz focus products are their M12 connections technologies also on this board.

We are the local direct engineering and sales support for Metz-Connect here in New England and can provide samples, quoting and direct engineering contact.


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