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Compact Mobile Speakers - Largest & Strongest.....

We wanted to share these two updates from Challenge Electronics

Challenge crosses CUI, Mallory, Murata, Kingstate, Olewolf, PUI, Soberton and many others, and offers competitive pricing and direct in many instances. These are excellent for industrial, medical and other markets that may have space limitations. And their lead times are still quite reasonable!

1) Largest Compact Mobile Speaker:

The CS40-01P50-04-1X 40 x 13 x 4mm mobile speaker is the largest mobile speaker currently on the market. The increased size offers the benefits of a mobile speaker design in a package capable of stronger audio output. The increased diaphragm size combined with the mobile style voice coil of the CS40-01P50-04-1 offers previously a low resonant frequency of 500 Hz and unseen flat frequency response for mobile speakers excellent for both voice and music in medical, industrial and other markets. Available at Digikey.

2) Strongest Compact Mobile Speaker:

The CS17-01P100-03-1X 17 x 12 x 3.3mm mobile speaker is the new high loudness compact mobile speaker. The design combines a unique 17 by 12mm design and high magnetic density magnet to produce a strong and clear response. The design offers an overall flat frequency response and high-power handling for an excellent choice when designing for voice or music in medical, industrial and other markets. Available at Digikey:


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