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EMI-RFI Filters / Motors / Photo Controllers

Altran Magnetics, Inc. (AMI) is a Premier Global Supplier of specialized electro-mechanical product solutions, offering low acquisition costs. AMI’s North American warehousing facilities ensure 100% on-time delivery. Altran offers a compelling international solution with dedicated teams located in the United States and China. 

  • EMI/RFI AC Filters – 1A-120A

  • EMI/RFI AC Inlet Filters – 3A-20A

  • 3 Phase Filters

  • C- Framed Motors – 1/2hp

  • DC Contactors – 10A-500A



Sounding Devices

Challenge Electronics originated during the era when many suppliers tried to be one-stop shops for electronic components. And while many of these organizations remain in business, many more have left the business. Since its earliest days, Challenge has been a specialist in audible technology, aligning itself with the finest factory resources strategically so that it could build and maintain an infrastructure of manufacturing, distribution and value added services that is unrivaled by any other supplier in this market. Our primary product offering encompasses a wide variety of high-performance devices including piezoelectric alarms, buzzers, transducers, speakers and microphones. In virtually every product area, we are certain to be well-positioned to provide high quality, immediate availability, along with low pricing and responsive service. We also maintain an elite line of battery snaps, holders and resonators to address specific OEM needs for portable, back-up power and timing signals.


  • Piezoelectric Alarms

  • Buzzers

  • Transducers

  • Speakers

  • Microphones

  • Resonators



High Voltage Components

Dean Technology, Inc. has a long and exceptional history providing world-class products, design, and solutions for high voltage and high power markets and applications. Grown through the consolidation of many complimentary brands, the full product offering can supply everything from components through complete systems. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, with production facilities in the United States and China, as well as sales offices throughout the world, DTI is a truly modern multinational company. Our broad range of locations and capabilities with all activities directed through a close-knit team of experienced executives, allows us to be exceptionally price competitive and flexible, while ensuring the quality and technical know how expected of a US manufacturer.

  • High Voltage Diodes

  • Encapsulated Rectifier Assemblies

  • High Current Assemblies

  • High Voltage Assemblies

  • High Voltage Power Supplies

  • Digital Power Supplies

  • Silicon Carbide Varistors



Interconnect Products

Global connections are more important today than ever. Our world is networked: boundaries are declining in importance. Ideas, concepts, even entire projects are being exchanged around the world in the space of just a few seconds. The more open our world is, the more important the quality of the connection is. METZ CONNECT has exceptional development and production expertise. Experience and consistent innovation have always inspired the markets. As a result of the fulfillment of these high standards every single day, the company is embarking on a future together with its customers.

  • Terminal Blocks – Fixed/Pluggable, Screw and Spring Clamp Type

  • SMD Pin Headers

  • M12 – A Code & D Code & X Code Connectors, Cable Assemblies CAT6A/CAT7 Cable and I/O Blocks

  • RJ45 & USB – Ethernet Connector and Cable Assemblies

  • IP67 Solutions for Industrial & Robotic Markets

PALPILOT logo_edited_edited.jpg



Delivering Custom Interconnect Solutions globally for over 25 years. PalPilot is supporting over 1000 customers with their PCBs, Cables, Connectors, Metal & Plastic Fabrication, and Semiconductor Products. Providing a dynamic manufacturing supply chain that is constantly growing as technology evolves.

  • PCB Design

  • PCB Manufacturing

  • Connectors

  • Cables

  • Metal and Plastic Fabrication

  • Semiconductor Products



Battery & Manufacturing

PHD Energy is a leading designer & manufacturer of advanced energy products. PHD Energy provides the best battery design services and products by applying the industrial cutting-edge chemistries & manufacturing technologies while focused on the North America and European battery product markets.

  • Manufacturer of Lithium Primary & Secondary Battery Cells

  • UL1642 Compliant Cells

  • Standard and Custom Battery Packs, BMS, and charger solutions



LCD Displays

Founded in 1991, Powertip has grown profitably through the years to become one of the true leading manufacturers of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology. Today, Powertip employs some 3,300 manufacturing and engineering personnel within its factories located in Taiwan and China. With a total of 90,200 square meters of manufacturing space, Powertip is fully equipped to handle the market needs for Color STN, chip-on glass (COG), chip-on film (COF), tape-automated-bonding (TAB), chip-on board (COB) and surface-mount technology (SMT) LCD module designs. With over 79 series (comprising over 1000 configurations) of standard LCD modules, Powertip is uniquely positioned in the marketplace today. Very few manufacturers of LCD modules can affirm this diversity of standard product.

  • TFT 1.2”-12” Displays Driver/Embedded PCB’s

  • Capacitive Touch & Resistive Touch Panels

  • Black/White Displays – High Resolution

  • Full Value-Add Services and Semi-Custom Capabilities



QT-Brightek is an optoelectronic manufacturer, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with sales, marketing and field application support available throughout Americas, Europe, and Asia. The portfolio is comprised of LED SMD packages (ChipLED, PLCC, Mid-Power, High Power), through-hole lamps, Metal Cans (TO-18, TO-46), optocouplers/opto-isolators, and LED displays (numerical, alphanumerical, icons). The products cover the full optoelectronic spectrum of ultraviolet, visible, and infrared.

  • SMD-Thru Hole LEDs

  • RGB's

  • IR LEDs

  • UV LEDs

  • Optocouplers



Custom & Standard Transformers

Signal Transformer is celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing transformers, chokes, inductors, and custom or modified standard products. Our commitment to quality is noted by its in-house ISO 17025 certified lab that enables us to participate in the CSA’s Supervised Manufacturing Testing & Certification (SMTC) program. This program makes possible to certify and use the CSA /cCSAus mark on new designs within days. Signal Transformer also maintains a certification and RoHS compliance.

  • Transformers and Chokes

  • 1VA to 10KVA Standard

  • UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, EN Approvals

  • PCB and Chassis Mount

  • Custom Capabilities

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