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Dean Technologies - Important Product Announcement of their Smart Power Supply (SPS)

SPS series covers the most commonly used voltage and power ranges for standard high voltage power supplies with 4-, 20- and 30-watt models ranging from 250 volts to 6,000 volts, both positive and negative outputs.

  1. Ability to configure or customize electrical performance and features through software.

  2. Reduces components and board space

  3. Remote monitoring and control as well as expandable functionality are standard on all models.

  4. Constantly log essential information while running that can be used while designing, or to troubleshoot problems that may occur to systems in the field

  5. High voltage designs tailored to exact customer needs can be developed on software timelines, and final configurations can be pre-loaded and tuned at the factory to make installation in your end systems seamless.

  6. Have UL CE and CUL certification for all configurations

DATA SHEET & INFO found here:

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